A portion of proceeds from our annual sales is given back to veterans in need every Remembrance Day through charitable donations. In 2019 we donated $2,119 to Wounded Warriors Canada and $500 to Cam's Cause in Australia. In September, we also ran an online fundraiser for the Green Beret Foundation donating all sales of our Black Devils Tee's totaling $1,000.


In collaboration with Half Face Blades we have re-created the infamous V-42 stiletto used by the First Special Service Force (the Devil's Brigade) in WWII with modern materials and design. Based directly on the dimensions of the original, this V-42 is cut from a single forge of Damascus steel giving it greatly improved strength over the original three piece construction. In addition to the authentic dimensions of the blade are its trademark features of the pointed skullcrusher pommel and thumb print ricasso. The handle ties the past to the present with copper infused carbon fiber split and pinstriped with red G10 chosen based on the colours of CANSOFCOM's official crest. Inlaid in each side of the handle is the FSSF's spearhead as well as today's CANSOF Command pin worn by all Command members.

The matching Tomahawk, as with those issued to Special Forces operators, represents the history and contribution of Indigenous people's of Canada to the development of irregular and special warfare throughout our nation's history. Its use in Canada flourished amongst British and French frontiersmen and went on to be used by French Marine Militia and British colonial regiments. It now represents the legacy of warriors like Francis Pegahmagabow, Henry Norwest, Tommy Prince, and many more who served our nation. The head of the Tomahawk is engraved with the V-42 Foundation logo.

We present these items as a matching set for raffle with all proceeds benefiting the V-42 Foundation. The Foundation serves all members of the command including 427 SOAS, CJIRU, CSOR, JTF2, and all training and support personnel. The contest is open to anyone worldwide! The raffle draw will take place on Friday 6 November, 2020 or when all tickets have been sold, with our donation to the V-42 Foundation taking place on Remembrance Day. Thank you for your support!

Thank you all for your support, together we were able to raise
$7500 for the V-42 Foundation!


Through a unique three nation partnership this 36x72" flag is made of real service worn uniforms of an Australian soldier. The artist Zachary Burgart of Chicago, IL is a former US Recon Marine who is part of a group of veterans who heal through art. Having done a few American flags for his fellow servicemen Zach wanted a new challenge and his latest project is to create flags for each Five Eyes partner. This Australian flag is his first.

Through our Australian partners at Striker Coffee Co reaching out to the veteran community we were able to acquire uniforms and bring it all together. Zach did an amazing job. This flag has returned home to Australia and will be auctioned at the annual Commando Welfare Trust black tie ball on 19 March, 2021 (delayed due COVID) in Sydney, NSW with benefits going to the charity. Please see the Trust's website for detailed information on their work aiding SOCOMD personnel and their families.

Thanks to all our Anzac supporters we were able to donate
$1000 to the Commando Welfare Trust this year!

The charity flag was sold at the CWT Ball for $6500 AUD!

Watch this space and our social media for further announcements on these initiatives. Thank you for supporting us and allowing us to support our veterans in need.