We're happy to support the current serving and veteran communities by providing custom flags, patches, and stickers for your unit. Jumping through the hoops to find a reliable manufacturer for morale kit was always a headache and we strive to streamline that process and deliver quality custom work at a reasonable price. To date we have created gear for everything from infantry and dive units to the highest levels of special operations. We also supply various veteran owned businesses around the world.

Unit specific imagery is proprietary and in some cases preferred to remain in house. As a result any custom work involving these logos is not available for public sale and will only be made available to current serving members or retired personnel with verification of service. No unit imagery of a clandestine nature will be made public without prior authorization or unless already UNCLASS and in the public domain.

There is no MOQ for special order flags. Patches and stickers are available with minimums depending on size, shape, and materials. Please contact us with your inquiries at blackbirdindustries250@gmail.com