The Nineveh


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The Nineveh. In June 2017 sniper teams from Canada's Joint Task Force 2 broke the world record for a confirmed kill at a distance of 3540m (2.2mi). Independently verified by partner nations as a coalition assisted the Iraqi Army in sweeping Daesh out of Mosul, Iraq the simultaneous shot taken by two shooters and their respective spotters beat the previous record by over 1km. The Nineveh International Hotel on the banks of the Tigris River in northern Mosul was the location of their OP at the time. The Multicam uniform material used in this hat was donated by members of the unit who were there and was used on combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. These hats are a tribute to all members of the unit for their efforts and achievements during the Global War on Terror.

Handmade in Canada featuring authentic Crye Precision Multicam uniform set behind black stained leather. Richardson 115 low-profile snapback in Heather Grey/Dark Charcoal. One size fits all.